A Faith Community

Second Homily

Dear Parish Family of St. Thomas,

Yesterday, Saturday, July 26 was the Feast of St. Joachim and St. Anne – the grandparents of Jesus. Grandparents make up a significant segment of the parishioners in most churches. They provide tremendous support to today’s families and they are often among the most willing workers in a parish. They are a valuable part of family life and parish life that is sometimes taken for granted. This weekend is an opportune time to recognize and affirm their unique vocation with this special blessing:

Grandparent Blessing

God, our heavenly Father, on this feast of St . Joachim and St. Anne – the grandparents of our Lord Jesus, we ask your blessing on our St. Thomas of Villanova grandparents today. We recognize their treasured gifts to their families and to our Parish Family. They are valuable links, between the past and the present, pass ing on the family stories and traditions.

May they be surrounded with the love, respect and support of their families as they embrace their unique vocation. May they be strong mode ls for their families and for our Parish Family. May they be anchors that provide stability and a firm foundation. May their witness to their faith guide and strengthen us.

Lord, bless and continue to inspire these grandparents. Help them share their distinct gifts with their families and all whom they encounter. Keep them in your love. Give them your joy and peace each day so that they may always follow your Son Jesus. Amen

And so on this Feast, let us remember and pray for our own Grandparents whether they are living or deceased. And let us especially acknowledge and recognize the lessons of faith they taught us and the devoted religious training they imparted to us either directly or through our parents with whom they shared their faith.

We are in the final weeks of preparation for our 11th Annual Parish Golf Outing. And it is a “FORE” - gone conclusion that every one who plays in our outing will have a great time and a lot of fun. So, if you are a weekend golfer or a three times a year golfer or if you have dreams like Father Wojciech of being another great golfer like Tiger or Mickelson or Ricky Fowler, then we want you on Friday, August 15 for our Parish Tournament. The Committee has asked me to invoke the “Pastor’s Prerogative for Parish Procrastinators.” And I have graciously granted it! All deadlines were last Friday, July 25. But you are granted a “Mulligan” as the deadline has been stretched til August 11th. We are looking for more golfers, donors, underwriters, advertisers, sponsors, donations and as always prayer (for a safe and successful event!) So now the question is—”What are you waiting for?”

Rev. Thomas R. Rzepiela


Pastor Fr. Tom