A Faith Community

Second Homily

Dear Parish Family of St. Thomas of Villanova,

Happy Fourth Sunday of Advent! By now, you are probably seeing purple as you continue to run around and do everything that you want to do before Christmas. However, Advent reminds us that we don't need to do all those things. What we do need is to be sure that we, ourselves, are ready spiritually for the coming of the Lord in four more days—Christmas morning. We must practice patience and prayerful preparing until then.

As our last minute and final preparations come to a close these days, let us remember that we must always “Keep Christ in Christmas” and in ourselves. Soon it will be Christmas time and will you be ready—ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus and all that the gift of the Lord means in ourselves and our world? I hope to see you at the “Inn” of our Church on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning as we pray the Eucharist and celebrate and adore the Newborn Infant Jesus.

On behalf of Father Ray, Father Wojciech, Father Presta, Father Martin and on behalf of our Deacons, Pastoral Staff, and all of our employees, and speaking for myself, I wish you the peace and quiet and joy of a beautiful and wonderful Christmas morning of the birth of Our Lord Jesus.

Wishing you the love of Christmas— 

Your Pastor,

Rev. Thomas R. Rzepiela


Pastor Fr. Tom