A Faith Community

Second Homily

Dear Parish Family of St. Thomas of Villanova,

As usual, a lot of great and important things and events are happening here at St. Thomas of Villanova Parish. This bulletin—as usual—has all the information you need to be a well rounded, well educated STV parishioner and Catholic.

Today is Seminary Sunday. It is a time for us to remember our great need for young men to discern a callingto the Priesthood. (When is the last time you asked or encouraged your son to at least think about becoming a Priest?) We pray for all Seminarians who are discerning their vocation and studying for the Priesthood. There are three levels of Seminary: College, Pre-Theology & Theology. Seminaries address the four types of formation; Human, Spiritual, Academic & Pastoral. All of the person’s formation takes into consideration the human person and the growth and development as fostered by community living, workshops, academic classes and pastoral training. The formation of future
priests includes various field education experiences and internships in different pastoral settings—like St. Thomas of Villanova Parish.

Today, we continue our tradition of having a Seminarian reflect with us on his journey towards priesthood. And, so at all of the English Masses today, you heard Deacon Dan Morris share his thoughts. The seminary has also requested that St. Thomas be his parish for his final internship. So you will see Deacon Dan’s face almost every weekend. While he is in our parish, the emphasis will be placed on sacramental ministry—assisting at Mass, preaching, Baptizing and celebrating funeral and wake services. (He is following in the
footsteps of Deacon, now Father Adam Wilczak, who experienced his internship with us last year.) After his Priesthood Ordination, Deacon Dan will then return to his home diocese of Kansas City, Kansas.

Seminary Sunday also means a second collection for the Archdiocesan Seminary System—Casa Jesus Seminary, Bishop Abramowicz Seminary, St. Joseph’s College Seminary at Loyola University and Mundelein Seminary at University of St. Mary of the Lake.  We thank you for your generosity as we educate and formthe priests of tomorrow.

Coming soon to this Parish, again—Father Martin Luboyera. He also did his Deacon internship here two years ago. He has now returned to Mundelein Seminary for further studies. He will be periodically celebrating weekend liturgies with us beginning October 5th.

Have you ever heard of Honor Flight Chicago? This organization honors our veterans by providing an all-expense, one-day trip to Washington DC to view the WWII Memorial. There are 25,000 WWII veterans living in the Chicagoland area. There have been 5,058 of these veterans who have been honored for their service to our country through this special endeavor. These veterans are, in effect, thanked for their service and sacrifice for our country almost 70 years ago for the freedoms we enjoy today. One of our parishioners—Gilmour Krogstad—was honored on September 10th. He is 95 years old and is wearing his original uniform cap. He is usually at our 11:15am Sunday Mass. We congratulate him and thank all our veterans who have served these great United States of America.

Your Pastor,

Rev. Thomas R. Rzepiela


Pastor Fr. Tom